Together is Better

The orphan crisis is in the forefront of our mind at CFO. An orphanage is no place for a child to grow up if there is a family member still in the picture. To make a difference in the orphan crisis, CFO feels led to go to families that are still intact before they too must abandon a child due to extreme poverty. It is no secret to us that $2/day is not enough to provide for any family wanting an education or adequate meals.

Our Together Is Better Project:

  • Assists parents with education & new skills to provide them with more financial opportunities for their family’s future.
  • Provides for all their children with an adequate education and supplies they need to attend school while the parents are at school themselves.
  • Provides the entire family nutrient packed meals, safe drinking water

Sewing has been a popular skill parents have wanted to learn. Our project provides parents with 2 years of sewing classes and when they graduate, they receive their very own sewing machine and extra material to get their business started.

  • Cost of 1 year of sewing school = $200
  • Cost of 1 year of school for a child =$200
  • To support a family in TIBP= $50/month

This project is very new and needs many sponsors a month to keep running. We invite you to join this cause today as many are waiting for their second chance.

Keeping kids out of orphanages & keep more families together, changing lives for generations to come.