Covered in Prayer Project

Our Covered in Prayer project is exactly what it sounds like!

Because of amazing quilters donating to CFO, children receive their very own beautiful handmade blankets/quilts that have been prayed over and made specifically for children in need.

As a child living in a homeless shelter, children’s home, or new foster home, life can feel very unstable. Sadly, many children living in these situations do not have their own belongings, being forced to use other people’s bedding, making it feel like they do not belong.

With our Covered in prayer project children have a sense of comfort and belonging with their very own quilt that goes where they go!

CFO is always looking for quilters of all kinds that believe in the power of prayer & have a heart for quilting and giving! If you or someone you know would like to be part of our Covered in Prayer project please email us at There is always a place for you to make a difference through CFO. Email us today!!!